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Get to Know Your Coach: Melinda Pederson, HR specialist

Tell me about yourself and what business background or experiences you have that qualifies you to be a business advisor? 

I had little small business experience but LOTS of HR experience before I became an HR advisor.  Many HR laws and all employee engagement issues begin with one employee, so I can immediately apply that expertise.  My clients have taught me about the 'small' in 'small business' and now I feel acclimated to supporting this niche.

What type of advising do you do for the NorthCoast SBDC?

Human Resources.

Why do you do this work and what do you enjoy most about working with the SBDC?

I love making complex, 'scary' compliance issues easy for employers to understand and put in place.  I most enjoy the kindness and gratitude my clients share with me.

How have you helped a business owner turn a challenge into an opportunity?

Recently, I had a client who didn't have a single employee, yet, but was pursuing a public works contract.  I was able to help them through the application process and help them develop the minimum mandatory processes to make that first hire.

Why do you believe people should use the SBDC?

Because I want local businesses to THRIVE, for our community to THRIVE.  Because the resources are free for those ready to put the great advice to work.


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