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E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Series


E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Series



Intro to Social Media: What the heck is a hashtag?

You have a business or you’re self-employed. You know you should ‘get your name out there’ on social media. But where to get started? Come to this fun, low-key workshop on the basics of social media marketing. Best for people who want more confidence before they spend a lot of time or money trying to reach customers this way.
You’ll come away knowing:
What are the social media channels? How do they work? Who uses them?
Become an insider. Learn basic tips and tricks: keywords, hashtags, using photo and videos, tagging, “at”ing, liking, and more.
This one is best after you’ve taken the Business Basics: Think Like a Marketer workshop (not required). It works well as a foundation for the next workshops in the E-Commerce & Digital Marketing series.
Best For: New to social media


Intro to E-Commerce: How to sell online and pick the right platform 

In this two hour workshop learn from our one of our local ECommerce expert, Amy Fowler, how to create or expand your business presence with online platforms. This workshop will be about the basic framework of an ECommerce business, from product to sale, including which departments you must have in place to make your business flow smoothly. You will be walked through which vendor sites are best for your business and what options are available for websites.
Best For: New to E-Commerce


Get Searched and Found (Local Search)

Stop wasting time and resources, get found in local searches! In this workshop you will learn how to understanding local search marketing & how search engines, Google My Business, and customer review sites like Yelp affect your bottom line.
For new and experienced digital marketers.
Best For: Learning but not expert


Get Loved (Reputation Management)

Whether business owners like it our not, review sites, such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google can have a major impact on your business. Current statistics show that 86% of consumers read reviews prior to patronizing a business (BrightLocal). In this 1.5 hour workshop you will learn how to use the top review sites to your advantage.
Gain an understanding of how to respond to negative reviews and positive reviews, as well. With the tips and tricks taught in this workshop you will learn how to take your online reputation into your own hands, and make it work for you, not against you.
Best For: Learning but not expert

Deeper Dive


Marketing Your Brand Online

Learn the pros and cons of selling your work via Etsy, E-Bay, or Amazon. Learn the basics of using social media to drive customers to buy online.
Taught by instructor Bill Prescott who advises SBDC clients on e-commerce and leads digital marketing and sales for Sun Valley Flower Farms. This is a practical, interactive workshop for businesses that are already doing some e-marketing, but want to do better.
Best For: Learning but not expert


E-Commerce Integration

This workshop takes you on a deeper dive into E-Commerce, giving businesses an understanding of how to intergrate all aspects of their online business to function as a cohesive whole. From the web site to marketing, inventory to bookkeeping. Join local E-Commerce pro Amy Fowler as she teaches you how to integrate the front and back ends of your retail business with your e-commerce platforms in the most efficient way. 
Best For: Experienced w/ E-Commerce


E-Commerce Accounting

How basic accounting principles apply to eCommerce sales, using software integrations, Chart of Accounts set up differences, Managing fees and sales taxes, and creating and scheduling processes to manage your accounting. Seasoned eCommerce specialist, Amy Fowler, will walk you through the process. 
Best for: Business Owners


Hands On Skill-Building


Digital Marketing Discipline 

Increase customer prospects and sales by directing your energy where it will generate real results. Improve your day to day discipline of digital marketing--for owners who are already in business and already doing digital marketing. Helps if you also already have your e-marketing vendors, if any. Make the investment of time and money worth it!
Best for: Learning but not expert


Photography for Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

Learn how to present and photograph your products for highest impact—but simply, at-home, on a tight budget. Hands-on. Presented by Brandi Easter, well known commercial photographer.
Best for: learning but not expert


Multimedia for Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

Go beyond still photos. Learn the basics of creating, editing, and using multimedia content to market your business. Videography, Animation, Editing basics (Canva, GIMP, Filmora etc.) Practical and interactive, so bring your laptop, pad, and smartphone.
Best for: Learning but not expert


Build Your E-Commerce Web Site

Hands-on step by step workshop led by a seasoned web developer and marketing experts Peggy Murphy and Sean Peterson. You will finish the workshop with your first version of your own low-cost Squarespace web site.
Humboldt State University computer lab, Siemens Hall 118.
Best for: New to E-Commerce

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