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Other Questions

We’re working hard and fast to answer questions as they come in to surveymonkey.com/r/NorthCoastBizCOVID19. Questions like these…

  • How to best handle remote work?
  • How to help other businesses?
  • How I will be able to continue paying rent, payroll etc when sales decline?
  • I’m not able to restock some of my merchandise due to other countries’ shut down – what do I do?
  • How do I increase my customer base and sales to keep money flowing into my business?
  • What is appropriate messaging to relay to the community about safety?
  • How do we stay open and generate revenue when everyone is being told to avoid public places?
  • At what point would it be necessary to close my office or retail store and stop providing services?
  • What would make it necessary to shut down my food manufacturing facility?
  • What do I do if we’re forced to close? My employees will be out of work and my clients/customers will not make payments?
  • How long should employees stay home if they show symptoms of a cold or flu?
  • How can employees receive sick pay beyond the 3 days mandated by the state?