SBDC Questions and Answers


What if I have to lay off employees or close?

Employers who have been affected by COVID-19 but want to avoid permanent layoffs might consider the Unemployment Insurance Work Sharing Program. This program allows you to retain your workers by reducing their hours and wages no more than 60 percent and partially offsetting the wage loss with UI benefits. More information at the EDD web site here.

Employers planning a definite closure or layoffs can get help through the Humboldt County Layoff Management & Rapid Response program. A Rapid Response team member will meet with you to discuss your needs, help avert potential layoffs if possible, provide you with information for your employees, and coordinate an event to assist workers facing job losses who need help understanding their options. Email layoffhelp@northcoastsbdc.org or call (707) 445-9720 x210 Anything you share with SBDC is kept strictly confidential unless you give us written permission to share it.