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“The SBDC has been an excellent resource for me. The staff have helped me get on track and stay on track with launching my new work. I have learned powerful new marketing skills and been able to realistically evaluate my progress.”

Kathryn Stotler

“Common items of refuse are the focal point of my collage / assemblages, a compelling format for artistic exploration and evolution for me. I feel driven to explore the visual secrets of scavenged objects, discarded household fabrics, and materials we commonly discard. I am continually fascinated by the visual qualities that this mix of objects and materials brings to abstract imagery. The materials speak to me in different ways so the work is continually evolving and what you see today may be very different from what you see a month from now. So please stay tuned, this is all a work in progress. Most of the cloth in these works has been woven, dyed, painted, and stiffened. All of papers have been painted, stripped, folded and intermixed with cloth. Metal, rubber, and plastic have been scavenged, cleaned, oxidized, and painted or coated. The paints are unwanted house colors, watercolors, fabrics paints, and cold water dyes. Only the frames are new.”

At the onset of the relationship with the North Coast Small Business Development Center, Kathryn Stotler had very specific goals. She sought to be featured in three reputable galleries at any given time and to be directly involved in all sales, including shows, exhibits and on the Internet.

Stotler applied and participated in the Art as Business Flight. The North Coast SBDC flights provide participants the opportunity to engage in a peer networking model of monthly workshops within a specific industry cluster and to meet regularly with an Advisor to complete a business plan and to pursue other specific goals. A special project consultant, one specializing in marketing for artists, worked with Stotler to determine her best avenues for increasing sales and established guidelines for pricing her art. Most recently Stotler attended several workshops aimed at marketing to outside of her region while maintaining the ‘flavor’ of Humboldt County, California, where she currently resides.

During the flight program Stotler crafted her Artist Statement, obtained quality photos of her art, and created a postcard to be used for marketing and as tags for her art pieces. Stotler has attended many shows to sell her art, where she gauges the interest in her new works and meets her future customers. Stotler’s work has been purchased by individuals and businesses alike. She visits the businesses from time to time to view her artwork in place. She has become more involved with Internet sales and social media.

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