Danielle Marshall

Business Advisor

North Coast SBDC

About Me:

Beginning with her first Enlistment in the United States Air Force in 1998, she has had multiple opportunities to work in and develop skills in organizational management, business development, project management, leadership training and as an educator in various capacities. From military professional education, laboratory technologist and collegiate curriculum development, business growth strategies, and implementation; managing multiple projects has been an integral part of Danielle’s professional career for over 20 years.

As an entrepreneur, creating, developing, and operating multiple business concepts, while providing job and career growth opportunities in her community and beyond has been a passion.

A former Chamber of Commerce President, District 1 appointee for the City of Sacramento Economic Development committee, and member of the Regional Business Leaders Coalition; she thrives on making a positive impact on her community at-large.  Currently she serves as President of National Women Veterans Non-profit, and Danielle has enjoyed the opportunity to work with individuals and businesses around the country while continuing a life of service. Over the past 17 years, she has provided clients with knowledge and access to resources to maximize productivity and profitability and implement growth strategies.

Danielle Marshalls unique combination of experiences and education make her a prime resource to assist entrepreneurs and business organizations their desired potential. Over the past 16+ years building Emfor Group, she has used her expertise to network with community organizations, teach business content at both the community and collegiate level, create, and expand small business initiatives. Danielle has had the pleasure of assisting with and connecting over 650 businesses with both local and national reach to vital resources. In addition, Danielle’s familiarity with entrepreneurship, and business development enables her to effectively communicate with and understand the needs of business clients and the organizations and communities they serve.