Lorna McLeod

Business Advisor

North Coast SBDC

About Me:

Lorna has offered business advice to solopreneurs, coaching, consulting and medical professionals, and artists and arts related businesses for more than 30 years. She brings extensive personal knowledge about running small businesses as well as her coaching skills to her clients here. When not working with her North Coast SBDC clients she works with business clients as a certified financial coach.

Lorna is founder of the Make Peace with Money program and movement. She is a member of a team of licensed trainers that deliver customized trainings based on time-tested success principles and powerful coaching practices to teams and organizations across the world

Her book, Make Peace with Money: Redefine Your Relationship with Money, Master Your Personal Finances, and Discover True Wealth, recently debuted on Amazon. When not advising, coaching or training, Lorna loves hiking, climbing trees, and cooking with Humboldt County’s great organic produce. She delights in contributing of her knowledge to her community.

Expertise: Finance