Mary Ann Testagrossa

Business Advisor

North Coast SBDC

About Me:

Mary Ann Testagrossa began as a business advisor with SBDC in 2015. She specializes in helping artisans build an online presence with a combination of an online store, social media marketing and blogging.

Mary Ann is the owner of two online Etsy businesses, the oldest being her gemstone store, Adornajoy Gems, which she began in 2007. Her knowledge of Etsy is extensive, and she keeps up to date with the ongoing changes Etsy continually makes. From designing the brand or look of a store, to product photography and SEO specifically for Etsy, Mary Ann is an expert on all things Etsy.

Mary Ann also has ecommerce sales experience on other online platforms such as Ebay, Artfire, Zibbet, and Big Cartel. She has extensive knowledge of marketing on Facebook and Instagram, with proven sales directly from those platforms.

Mary Ann is also an artist. Her website is at She has shown her artwork locally for many years in galleries and art fairs, as well as nationally. Before she began her online businesses, she ran a large local gallery for ten years, was a graphic designer and picture framer.

Expertise: Digital Marketing Etsy