Morgan March

Business Advisor

North Coast SBDC

About Me:

Morgan is a Cooperative Developer and business advisor for SBDC and with the Worker Owned Humboldt program area of Cooperation Humboldt. He has a BA in Theatre and Professional Practice from Coventry University in UK, a MFA in Ensemble Theater from Dell’Arte International in Blue Lake, CA and a MA in Education from Gothenburg University in Gothenburg, Sweden.

His experience with cooperatives, and worker-ownership, stretch back 25 years into his teenage, and he has been part of starting, running, working for and with, and dissolving multiple co-ops and nonprofits. He has been teaching and running projects in public, private and nonprofit sectors, in industries as varied as theatre, outdoor adventure, equestrian education, and information technology.

He is a native of Sweden, and a first generation immigrant to the US and Humboldt County where he moved to be with his wife and child in 2015.

Expertise: Employee Ownership Worker Cooperatives