Send Your Employees to a Layoff Help Event

During the Pandemic Emergency we will be co-hosting regular Virtual Multi-Business Layoff Help Events to help employees understand their options and resources. 

Employees can register directly here:

April 24

May 22

If your company needs a private Layoff Help Event for your employees only please request one by emailing

Prevent or Manage Layoffs

SBDC and The Job Market (America’s Job Center of California) partners help business owners avoid layoffs and closure if possible, or manage down-sizing if necessary. Contact us to learn more about bringing together a no-cost, confidential Rapid Response team for your business and employees. (707) 445 9720 or email LayoffHelp[at]

Prevention. Consult with an expert business advisor to see if layoffs or closure can be avoided. Apply at

Support. A Rapid Response team work with you to design a customized lay-off management event for your company and affected employees. It can include some or all of the following…

  • How to apply for unemployment benefits, MediCal, CalFresh
  • How to get help at The Job Market with job search, retraining, and more
  • Tips from a financial advisor on how to manage retirement and other savings
  • Counseling assistance from a trained social worker for employees who need it

Job Market experts follow up as requested by each employee to help them with individualized employment or training plans so they can get back to work as quickly as possible.