Grow Your Food Business 2021 Details Coming Soon

Normally every fall we run a very popular “Food Business Mini-MBA”. But this is not a normal year. It’s our turn to pivot to serve you better!

Sign up for one of the Northern California regional Restaurant Program’s excellent webinars.

And get onto the waiting list for the adapted Fall 2021 Food Business Program.

Learn more about last year’s program:

September – November 2019     

Calling all specialty food makers (baked goods, canned goods, food manufacturers, etc.), food trucks, caterers, restaurants! We are running our popular program for Humboldt food producers and sellers again this year. Join us to enhance your business skills so you can start and grow. 

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Come to an Info Session

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Dates TBD

Ready to Apply?

Do you need to apply late? Please email or call Leila at 707-445-9720 x212 to let us know.

Apply soon! Accepted on rolling basis through August 19.

  1. Download Program Application – Fill out completely and thoughtfully. Return by email, mail, or in person by or before the due date.
  2. Download Scholarship Application – Watch this video tutorial for instructions on completing the form. This income form must be filled out completely or we cannot process it. All information is kept confidential. Call us any time if you need help.
  3. Sign up online to become a client – Please specify you’re a “Food as a Business” program applicant.
  4. Then we will reach out to schedule an interview.


  • Applications accepted on rolling basis. Call (707) 445-9720 x212 or email with your questions.
  • Income eligible applicants qualify for full scholarship and must attend all required sessions. Others may take workshops a la carte. 
  • Even if your flight application is not accepted you may still access no-cost one-to-one advising & attend workshops. 

2019 Program Timeline


Friday, July 26 – Program Application Published
Tuesday, July 30 & Tuesday, August 13 – Information Sessions
Monday, August 19 – Program Applications Due by or before today

[please contact us if you need to submit late application]
August 12 – 30 – Applicant Interviews
Early September- Applicants Notified of Acceptance or Provisional status
Before September 10 – Participants have first session with their assigned business advisor and started taking Getting Started workshops

Required Sessions

Getting Started Series… if you haven’t started up yet:

August 14 – Getting Started: So You Want to Start a Business? $0

August 21 – Getting Started: So You’re Ready to Start a Business? $0

September 19 – Getting Started: Financial Basics for Start-ups $0

Business Basics Series… for everyone:

September 12 – Business Basics: Think Like a Marketer – $30

September 25 – Business Basics: Business Planning for the Real World – $30

October 9 – Business Basics: Financial Basics for Business Owners – $30

Food Business Program Sessions (workshops will run 2-3 hours, $50 – 150 each):

September 10 – Welcome & Kick-Off

September 18 – Marketing and Branding your Food Product

October 1 – Regulation and Liabilities for the Food Industry

October 3 – Pricing, Sales & Distribution

October 8 – Price for Profit: Understanding Food Costing

October 15 – Accounting for Food Businesses

October 22 – Food Waste Management

October 24- Food Safety Preventive Controls for Human Foods (PCQI)

November 2 – Food Fair at Arts Alive! (Showcase your food with buyers, then with the public)

November 19th – Meet the Rock Stars of the Food Industry: Reflect, Interact, Plan

Optional Workshops

October 10 – Food Service Excellence

November 9 – Strange Brews and Odd Eats

November 12 – ServSafe Manager Certificate Training

(Register online at

Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Workshop Series
Financial Management for Business Owners Workshop Series

HR for Business Owners Workshop Series