Mark Ritz

Business Advisor

North Coast SBDC

About Me:

Mark has spent more than 40 years in the outdoor industry and is an experienced sales and marketing executive with expertise in retail and wholesale sales, forecasting, pricing strategies and COG analysis, customer/vendor service, product development and management, retail management, and ordering/ tracking systems. Mark has worked with some of the largest mass market retailers as well as small mom and pop startups. He is a team leader skilled in planning, organization, communication, negotiation, and program implementation.

Mark moved to Humboldt County in 1999 to lead New Product Development Marketing for Yakima Products, working with a team to create entirely new categories to drive growth. When the company decided to leave the area, he and his wife chose to stay and founded Kinetic Koffee, pioneering coffee in the outdoor market. Mark was instrumental in helping the company during its startup mode, running it for the first seven years. He continues to be actively involved as an owner.

He is currently serving his second term on the Arcata Chamber of Commerce Board and had previously served as its President in 2010. He is also a Board Member of the Kevin Ebbert Foundation.

A passionate lifelong cyclist, Mark competed at the national level for many years, and raced in the Kinetic Sculpture Race, winning the Grand Championship in 2004. He is also an avid hiker and loves to spend his time outdoors.

Expertise: Market Identification Marketing Start-Up Assistance START-UP IMPLEMENTATION Strategic Planning